Global benchmarks for 1000mw laser pointer red safety

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Global benchmarks for 1000mw laser pointer red safety

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Investigators say someone inside a Temple University dorm room pointed a 20mW Blue Violet Laser Pointer at a police helicopter.The incident happened about 11:30 p.m. Monday inside a dorm room on the university’s campus.
Lt. Bonk said the same individual “hit us twice tonight a few seconds apart.” Bonk said police are not planning on pursuing the individual responsible for shining the High power green laser pointers at the helicopter.However, Lt. Bonk offered a reminder that it is illegal to point lasers at an aircraft and it can temporarily blind the pilots.
nternational standards are available through the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), documents 60601, 60825, and 60825-Part 8. These standards are the global benchmarks for 1000mw laser pointer red safety, and include normative and informative guidance for manufacturers, professional clinicians, and administrators of laser use facilities.
Standards are non-regulatory, but serve as consensus documents for best practice. As such, they are often considered as the usual and customary practice in a given area, and are the basis for medical-legal decisions in cases of patient or staff injury, accident, or untoward occurrence. This serves as a strong motivation for Cat Chasing Laser Pointer users to gain knowledge of the established rules for safety, and mandate compliance with them.
In Australia, the AS/NZ 2211(Laser Safety), and the 4173, (Guide to the Safe Use of Lasers in Healthcare), have become the expected standard for Green Laser Pointer 3000mw safety in healthcare, and though not regulatory, have taken on the impact of regulation through its wide acceptance. It has been incorporated into state regulations, such as those adopted in Tasmania, Western Australia, and in Queensland under the Radiation Safety Act 1999.

National licensure requirements, based on international (IEC) standards, is currently being considered, and if initiated, every user of Class 3b, or Class 4 medical laser systems, and Intense Pulsed Light Systems, will need to register for a license with validation that they have met specific criteria for education and training.


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