Cat Chasing Laser Pointer communications technology

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Cat Chasing Laser Pointer communications technology

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Abrahamson envisions spacecraft having two communications systems: a slower, radio-based one for emergencies and a fast Laser Pointer connection to quickly exchange data. A similar system today sits on NASA's Dawn spacecraft, using a slower and faster radio connection.
So far, no laser connection has been made farther out than the moon. But that may change soon: The systems needed to do so are in development, and NASA offered a $30 million incentive to include Green Laser Pointer 3000mw communications on the next Discovery-class mission proposals.
Ultimately, Cat Chasing Laser Pointer communications technology could be humanity's best bet for extreme long-distance missions, advocates say.
"The reason that lasercomm is better for distance is because radio beams spread out more, because they're longer wavelengths," Cornwell said. "If I'm trying to send it a far distance, the beam spreads out so much that I don't have a whole lot of signal that lands on my detector at the other end. But because a 10000mW 532nm green laser pointer beam is so much more narrow and concentrated and focused at a great distance, I can deliver more signal power at a greater distance. I think we can communicate between the stars."
The Washoe County Sheriff's Office is looking for help identifying the person or people suspected of pointing a 500mw Laser Pointer Green at a Sheriff's Office RAVEN helicopter.

September 1, 2015 about 8:30PM, a Sheriff's RAVEN helicopter was on routine patrol over downtown Reno when it was hit by a laser. Further investigation revealed the light source coming from the area of Rampion Way in Sun Valley. While trying to determine an exact location, the pilot and tactical flight observer hit several times by the laser in their eyes. The pilot landed at Reno-Stead Airport. The pilot and observer were taken to a hospital for eye treatment and have since been released.
According to RAVEN Chief Pilot Deputy Doug Russell, "Laser strikes on aircraft is an increasing problem in the Truckee Meadows area." Russell advised, "Besides RAVEN, CareFlight and commercial airlines have also reported laser strikes in the recent months."


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