3000mw Green Laser high quality

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3000mw Green Laser high quality

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The only thing better than a toy that keeps your cat and dog occupied for hours is one that requires no intervention on your part. A ball needs to be tossed, a pull toy needs to be tugged, but this Yellow Laser 50mw pointer that clips onto a collar will have your pet chasing, but never catching, that small red dot until they're ready for a nap.
It's just 10 bucks, can be set to steadily glow or blink at different rates, and it has a timer that can automatically turn off the laser after 15 minutes if your pet gets a little too worked up while chasing it. It's certainly not a replacement for actually spending time with your pet, but sometimes they need an activity to occupy themselves that doesn't involve destroying your furniture. 
The second case involved a man named Barry Lee Bowser, Jr., who has been charged with firing a laser at a Kern County Sheriff's Department helicopter flying over Bakersfield, California (110 miles northwest of Los Angeles) back in September 2014. He initially was arrested under related state charges, and then released when it became a federal case.
Bowser was not arrested until March 17 in San Luis Obispo, California, approximately 120 miles due west of Bakersfield.

Both cases are being brought by Escobar, who has unintentionally become the nation's top prosecutor for 1000mw laser pointer red strike cases. Among her casework, the prosecutor brought United States v. Rodriguez to trial—that case famously resulted in the defendant receiving a sentence of 14 years for a laser strike incident.
These defendants have become numbers 12 and 13 in a series of federal criminal cases coming from the Eastern District of California (centered in Fresno County) since 2007. (Numbers 10 and 11 were federally indicted in February 2015.) Combined with an additional 20 state convictions from this region, this district alone constitutes over 35 percent of the less than 100 total 5 in 1 Laser Pointer Green strike convictions nationwide—state and federal—since the FBI began keeping track a decade ago.
Part of why 3000mw Green Laser strike cases happening in and around Fresno County have been successfully prosecuted is that three local and state law enforcement agencies—the Fresno Police Department, the Fresno County Sheriff's Department, and the California Highway Patrol—all operate helicopters and low-flying aircraft from the Fresno International Airport, essentially flying patrol in concentric circles.

It's notoriously difficult for authorities to pinpoint where a laser strike is being fired from, particularly when fired at a commercial aircraft. But when fired against law enforcement aircraft (particularly helicopters that can easily hold their position in the air), it is far easier.
Last year, Escobar also pointed out that as a largely rural county, there are less crimes for law enforcement to respond to compared to larger areas in the state, such as Los Angeles County. By comparison, Fresno County only has about one million people spread across just 6,000 square miles.
If convicted, Bowser faces a prison term of five years and a fine of up to $250,000.


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