Wear 50mw Green Laser safety glasses

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Wear 50mw Green Laser safety glasses

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The FAA has reported an increase in people pointing Green Laser Pointer 3000mw at aircrafts in recent years.Recently, just six miles west of Mitchell, a laser was pointed at a plane. This is a felony.The suspect is still on the loose and not just targeting airplanes."It's concerning that this type of activity is taking place," said Lt. Don Everson of Mitchell Department of Public Safety.
Mitchell Police Officers are on the look out for a suspect armed with a green Laser Pointer who's been pointing it at law enforcement, airplanes and cars on the road.
"When a Cat chasing green laser pointer is illuminated on something, it's a very small dot. Over a coarse of a distance, that diameter of that laser gets bigger and can illuminate an entire windshield or cockpit," said Lt. Everson.
The easiest and most effective way of achieving laser safety is to always wear 50mw Green Laser safety glasses when working around lasers. In fact, laser they are so easy to use, that they are also very easy to not use. It would be logical to assume that people who work around lasers every day would be very in tune to the importance of wearing laser safety glasses.

However, it seems that the opposite is true. People who spend almost every day working around lasers get used to them, the idea of danger fades, and the fact your wearing them gets forgotten.
Since the inception of the laser beam in 1960, laser safety glasses quickly joined a long line of protective eyewear. People had been using protective eyewear for at least a hundred years. Anyone working in carpentry, welding, construction, or medicine already knew that protective eyewear kept their eyes safe from splatters and debris. However, they had to offer protection from radiation, which is a different beast altogether.
Laser safety glasses are manufactured with an average polycarbonate lens. The difference is that as the lenses are molded, chemicals like lead are injected into the mold. Such chemicals equip them with the required amount of wavelength filtration. The laser safety glasses will block certain strengths of laser light depending on their optical density. For example, ones with a high optical density will block a stronger laser.


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